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1 to the Professional Services Agreement increasing the contract amount by $30,077.90 with Kirkham Michael Associates, Inc. For construction engineering services on the Westwinds Channel Flood Repair project. 21. When he’s not directing music videos for Top 40 pop musicians (the likes of which include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Drake and Rihanna), Yoann Lemoine goes by the name of Woodkid,… Read more →

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The petition, the discussions with the cast, and the social media roasting of season eight ruled much of the summer. Weiss and David Benioff, and they recently admitted they were clueless when working on the series. With that said, reports that they’ve detached themselves from a new Star Wars project has attracted new attention. As every parent knows, there’s no… Read more →

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In this context, the distinguishing feature is that constitutive models depend on the variational derivative of the free energy. In all, phase field models open the opportunity for the efficient treatment of outstanding problems in computational mechanics, such as, the interaction of a large number of cracks in three dimensions, cavitation, film and nucleate boiling, tumor growth or fully three… Read more →

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Said Lacayo: played through a tough environment. That Mayfield gym gets loud and you have to give that team (Mayfield) a ton of credit. Their setter (Ellie Watkins) really sparked their offense. The EPIC Act would classify national monument declarations by the President as a “major federal action,” which would trigger a process that requires transparency and input from local… Read more →

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In reality, I don’t believe in coincidences or a random universe. I believe in a ‘method to the madness’ of every creation. I thank my lucky stars, too, Suzette, for having crossed paths with you!6 years ago from Taos, NM. These treatments induce a strong interaction between the graphite particles and the developing carbonaceous matrix, including partial delamination of graphite… Read more →

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