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The environment of the laboratory cat can be restrictive and may impact their welfare. Enrichment is often provided to alleviate welfare impacts but is seldom assessed or validated for efficacy. This study investigated the effect of novel room furniture (a screen) on the expression of agonistic and affiliative behaviours and space utilisation amongst colony housed laboratory cats. Characterization and utilization… Read more →

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DIB profile structures constrain potential molecular carriers, but their measurement requires high signal to noise, high resolution spectra and the use of sightlines without Doppler splitting, as typical for a single cloud situation.Aims. Spectra from the ESO Diffuse Interstellar Bands Large Exploration Survey (EDIBLES) conducted at the Very Large Telescope (ESO/Paranal) were explored to identify single cloud and high C2… Read more →

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The difficulty with modelling DSSI arises with the inelastic and nonlinear load “displacement response of soil with increasing strain, therefore modelling of large strain DSSI relies on the specification of many interrelated parameters. The relative magnitude of these parameters can have a significant effect on the modelled response. In this paper, the specification of an initial stiffness coefficient to model… Read more →

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DS based rank orders were strongly positively correlated with those yielded by the other two approaches for five out of the six macaque datasets, and for the majority of artificial datasets. Magnitudes of correlation coefficients were unrelated to group size or interaction frequency, but increased with directional asymmetry, suggesting methodological inconsistencies were more likely when dyads had more frequent reversals… Read more →

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This line comes from Fran Truffaut’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 sci fi classic, Fahrenheit 451, about a dystopian future society where reading has been outlawed and books are burned in the streets. Newspaper comic strips are cartoons devoid of words. Human beings rely on impossibly vapid television shows for their senses of identity and purpose (Bradbury has said that… Read more →

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Related By Faith MillerThere are four Republicans and four Democrats running to replace term limited Gov. John Hickenlooper. That’s quite a batch for any voter to hope to sort through, so our process began with elimination. Beside all political motivations behind Galileo, the availability of more satellites in view and a more accurate, reliable and continuous positioning service are some… Read more →