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Haulani Crater at LAMO. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft took this mosaic view of Haulani Crater at a distance of 240 miles (385 kilometers) from the surface of Ceres. Credits: NASA/JPL Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA/PSIDawn has also been busy imaging Oxo Crater, which despite its small size of merely 6 mile wide (10 kilometer wide) actually counts as a “hidden treasure” on Ceres because it’s… Read more →

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Animal abandonment is a misdemeanor cruelty charge. According to Erin Carroll, the Humane Society’s communications manager, the agency (which includes the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, Pueblo Animal Services, Douglas County Animal Services and Centennial Animal Services) responded to 53,295 calls for service in 2010. Of those, about 8,300 turned into full blown welfare investigations, and 1,300 of… Read more →

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Today, on the other hand, adults have become children. They dress like children, talk like children, adopt children holidays as their own, and behave like kids all the time. My Dad wore adult clothes, went to a real job every day, never acted like a child, and was an amazing adult father. Poems byArnautDaniel,Petrarch,Cavalcanti,Machaut, Charlesd’Orlans, Wyatt, Shakespeare and others, plus… Read more →

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As an in silico proxy of the binding affinity, we use a molecular docking score to an experimentally determined avb6 protein structure. The search is driven by a probabilistic surrogate of the activity of all molecules from that space. As the process evolves and the algorithm observes the activity scores of the previously designed molecules, the hypothesis of the activity… Read more →

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Furthermore, this approach does not place any constraints on the length of the Arabic composite name. The results of our experiments show that there are improvement in recognizing Arabic composite names entity in the Arabic language text.Our research also contributes a novel, knowledge based approach to relation extraction from unstructured Arabic text, which is based on the principles of Functional… Read more →

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Antipsychotic drugs are designed to treat schizophrenia, but are often prescribed (sometimes off label) for other conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression and even hyperactivity. The so called atypical antipsychotics became popular in the 1990s and rapidly outstripped the older (“typical”) antipsychotics in usage, largely due to the perception that they were safer. According to the current study, however, the… Read more →