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Giger drawing inserted in Dead Kennedys’ Frankenchrist), sued by his bandmates, and had the shit kicked out of him by cops and young punks alike. And he tours the world, speaking against all the issues global warming, third world oppression, censorship, etc. Brought about by globalization. The Mile Post 97 fire: Located 1 miles south of Canyonville, Oregon. The number… Read more →

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VNS PhotoViet Nam News HCM CITY Pork sales at supermarkets and food stores have increased sharply as more and more customers are opting to buy the meat with clear origins due to the outbreak of African swine fever. According to retailers, the spread of information about the disease has customers worried since pork is a staple food. She was relieved… Read more →

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And most importantly that the circumstances we find ourselves in now are radically different from those in 2016. Back then almost nobody expected to end up in such a horrible mess. Many of the “project fears” have come true whereas all of the lofty promises by leave turned out to be nothing but pipe dreams and lies.. Participants preferred to… Read more →

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At a minimum, aviation experts say, the plane maker will need to finish updating software that might have played a role in the Lion Air crash.Boeing said it supports the grounding of its planes as a precautionary step, while reiterating its “full confidence” in the safety of the 737 Max. Engineers are making changes to the system designed to prevent… Read more →

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Unlike the fluid in the aqueous humour, which is continuously replenished, the vitreous humour is stagnant. Therefore, if blood, cells or other debris get into the vitreous humour, they will remain there unless removed surgically. When light hits these pieces of tissue, they cast shadows onto the retina which appear to float across our field of vision hence are known… Read more →

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While Herschel would continue to maintain that what he observed was a comet, his “discovery” stimulated debate in the astronomical community about what Uranus was. In time, astronomers like Johann Elert Bode would conclude that it was a planet, based on its nearly circular orbit. By 1783, Herschel himself acknowledged that it was a planet to the Royal Society.. It… Read more →