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Given its distance, estimates of Orcus’ diameter and mass have varied over time. In 2008, observations made using the Spitzer Space Telescope in the far infrared placed its diameter at 958.4 22.9km. Subsequent observations made in 2013 using the Herschel Space Telescope at submillimeter wavelengths led to similar estimates being made.. Megan and Mike Davis, owners of all three Back… Read more →

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IF YOU’VE EVER WONDERED what the Welsh and the Jews had in common, see Solomon and Gaenor. It seems that people who have that hard “ch” sound in their languages really ought to respect one another it takes a tough, virile palate to be able to rouse up those throat clearing consonants. Sadly, this gloomy melodrama of the old school,… Read more →

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“Consuming Kids” talks about the lack of regulation in the youth marketing industry, and the need to change policies relating to marketing to children. Critics say it stems from the late 1970s when the Federal Trade Commission advocated for a ban on marketing to all children under age eight because research indicated those children don understand persuasive intent. Barbaro said… Read more →

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W., Rehnberg, C. Khan, J. A. But here’s what’s fascinating about this study that you probably haven’t heard in the mainstream press: it was conducted on regular, everyday people that are generally consuming unhealthy diets to begin with. Let me explain further: if you select 1000 people out of the population and examine their diets in terms of cancer prevention,… Read more →

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Military helicopters have been called in to help emergency services in Lincolnshire after a river burst its banks following heavy rain. The Chinook helicopter was flown to Wainfleet All Saints to drop sand in an attempt to stem the flow from the River Steeping with another unit flying in almost 70 one tonne bags of gravel. Around 70 properties were… Read more →

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The universal density functional F of density functional theory is a complicated and ill behaved function of the density “in particular, F is not differentiable, making many formal manipulations more complicated. While F has been well characterized in terms of convex analysis as forming a conjugate pair (E, F) with the ground state energy E via the Hohenberg “Kohn and… Read more →

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“The earth, the sun and many stars possess general magnetic fields. It is possible that interstellar clouds are magnetized, that spiral arms have regular magnetic fields, and that galaxies also have general magnetic fields. This makes is likely that there should be some very general process which produces magnetic fields in fluid bodies as different as the earth’s fluid interior,… Read more →

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