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LCD TVs are quickly displacing the only major competitors in the large screen market, the plasma display panel and rear projection television . LCDs are by far the most widely produced and sold television technology today pushing all other technologies into niche roles. Technology has improved in a number of ways over recent years, resulting in better performance. But for… Read more →

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La srie de tableaux intitule Gnalogie est accompagne par une autre srie, de dessins cette fois, premire vue maladroits et nafs. Ce sont des scnes de la rbellion des Patriotes, mais uniquement des pisodes tragiques de cette rvolte canadienne et/ou qubcoise de 1837. On trouve dans chaque dessin le trac d’un bonnet phrygien, symbole de la Rvolution franaise (1789), mais… Read more →

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Many nontraditional therapies for MS have not been well studied. Some people say acupuncture relieves symptoms such as muscle spasms and pain, but research to confirm its value isn’t conclusive. Others have reported benefits from injections of bee venom, but a rigorous study, lasting 24 weeks, showed no improvements in disability, fatigue, or the number of MS attacks. In a… Read more →

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Understanding behaviour change in context: examining the role of midstream social marketing programmesLuca, N. R., Hibbert, S. McDonald, R., 16 May 2019Article in Sociology of health illnessGenerating the perception of choice: The remarkable malleability of option listingToerien, M. This law was first expressed by Rudolf Clausius in 1850 when he said: “There is a state function E, called ‘energy’, whose… Read more →

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The first march organized by a small group of citizens who had met on Facebook and were concerned over the findings of an investigation of government bribes surprised everyone with an outpouring of nearly 30,000 participants. Tens of thousands of wiretaps in this investigation revealed conversations referring to “No. 2” and “the president,” believed to be code for Vice President… Read more →

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They were enjoying the beautiful building and taking in unfamiliar practices holy water, repeated kneeling and standing, communion lines when a parishioner photographed them with her cellphone and then abruptly left. After the mass ended, they ran into her outside the church, where she asked them if they spoke Arabic yes and if they were Catholic no. When the students… Read more →