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David embodied the concept of principled entrepreneurship. It’s a way of doing business, best articulated by his brother Charles, that links your success with how much you help others succeed. Sure enough, just as David sought to help others in his philanthropy and policy efforts, he worked relentlessly to deliver better prices, better quality and a better life for his… Read more →

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) Video games aren just for the kids anymore. Adults who go online, or 37 percent, own a video game console and 16 percent own a portable gaming device, Nielsen//NetRatings said on Tuesday. And Sony Corp. No measures of adverse events were described, nor of participation, social functioning, quantity of social or family relationships, proxy measures by third… Read more →

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Artist’s impression of a solar flare erupting from the Sun’s surface. Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterPrevious missions have led scientists to believe that the corona contributes to the process that accelerates solar wind to such high speeds. As these charged particles leave the Sun and pass through the corona, their speed effectively triples. Whether you’re working in an office… Read more →

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HOLY FAMILY: Back row, Riley Dennis, Olivia Mitchell, Max Medway, Fynn Premus, Jackson Hussey, Jamie, Preston Cafe, Deneeka Rajkovic and Georgina Hewitt. Middle row: Denver Jones, Ruby Masman, William Kupkee, Isabelle Booth, Jett Sinclair, Mia Trudgett, Max Blackburn, Eleanor Hewson and Rory Forster. Front row: Archie Elliott, Jaxon Burton, Jack Connolly, Toby Foskett, Max Byers, Aiden Brown, Archie Kleinschafer and… Read more →

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People who commit financial fraud may be clever, even ingenious, but they are not rational. Any rational person knows that Ponzi schemes cannot go on forever and will eventually collapse. That did not prevent Bernie Madoff from trying it on. A streaming alternative to cable subscriptions has been the dream of consumers tired of paying oversized cable bills for packages… Read more →

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The time constants associated with trapping and detrapping effects in the device are extracted using the proposed circuit and it is shown that variations in RDS(on) can be predicted using a series of RC circuit networks. A new methodology for integrating these RDS(on) predictions into existing gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors models in standard SPICE simulators to improve model… Read more →

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Currently, in general only traditional thermal storage with water tanks is economically viable. However, CES is expected to offer new opportunities for the energy transition since the community scale introduces several advantages for electrochemical technologies such as batteries. Technical and economic benefits over energy storage in single dwellings are driven by enhanced performance due to less spiky community demand profile… Read more →

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