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But must they be incarcerated? The public interest is not in detaining as many people as possible; it is in ensuring that those facing the possibility of deportation show up for their hearings, that those ordered out of the country are removed and that public safety is protected. Federal law mandates that certain categories of people be detained pending removal… Read more →

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Don’t want to reconnect it for fear that we may bring everything else crashing down again, he said. Was caused by damage to cables caused by vandals who were attempting to steal copper crucial to the campus power system. However, he said whether this damage was the direct cause of the explosion is still being determined.. 1: Linen popover, which… Read more →

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Neither of these responses really defuses the political edge of Schlingensiefs performance theatre, in which he plays a central role and deliberately creates uncertainty by dissolving clear distinctions between art and reality. The ambiguity of his approach indicates a parallel with the attempts of the historical avant garde to forcibly close the gap between art and daily life. Analogously, Schlingensief… Read more →

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“At this point, we suspect that residents are exposed to many toxicants, noise, and social stressors due to hydraulic fracturing near their homes and this may add to the increased number of hospitalizations. For example, the increase in cardiology hospitalizations could be related to an increased exposure to air pollution such as diesel exhaust and fine particulate matter; however, this… Read more →

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However, existing TC models only use class labels, and ignore the uncertainty of classification during the process. In this study, an uncertainty based spatial temporal consistency (USTC) model was proposed to improve the accuracy of the long time series of impervious surface classifications. In contrast to existing TC methods, the proposed USTC model integrates classification uncertainty with the spatial temporal… Read more →

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Overnight, electricitybecamecheap and constantly available it became a utility and the number of users in the UK shot up dramatically, from around 750,000 in 1920 to 9 million in 1938. Synchronized electricity 50Hz from every socket in thecountry meant that devices (radios, TVs, motors) worked everywhere, and the production and sales of those early electric devices boomed accordingly. Other countries… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractAims/hypothesis: Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) is a slowly progressive form of autoimmune diabetes, with autoantibodies to islet proteins developing in older patients who have no immediate requirement for insulin therapy. Markers of its clinical course are uncharacterised. The aim of this study was to determine whether persistence of, or changes in, GAD65 autoantibodies (GADAs) in… Read more →

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