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Joint attention, the precursor of many fundamental types of social interactions, has been an important focus of research in the past decade and a half, therefore providing the perfect backdrop for assessing the current status of state of the art automatic attentional based solutions. Consequently, we propose to review the influence of these mechanisms in the context of social interaction… Read more →

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Given the obvious need for vitamin D, many researchers are looking for other sources for providing it to patients. While sunlight is the best naturally occurring source of vitamin D3 for humans, there are alternatives to a leisurely walk in the sun. Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, PhD, describes an interesting paradox: While people living in Japan are exposed to relatively… Read more →

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While the divided Congress has disagreed sharply over the past year about changing the country’s gun laws, today the House of Representatives came together to extend a ban on the possession of undetectable firearms, including plastic weapons produced by 3 D printer technology. 3626, extending the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 for 10 years. The law explicitly prohibits the possession… Read more →

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TreatmentCurrently there is no licensed cure for Fabry disease, although a number of companies are researching the use of Alpha Gal A replacement therapy. Results are not yet publicly available. Until then, treatment is symptomatic. Au moment o les libraux perdent le pouvoir Qubec, il devient conseiller de Liza Frulla, qui est critique, dans l’opposition, de la rgion de Montral.… Read more →

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Fundamental equations for determining pharmacological parameters, such as the binding afnity of a ligand for its target receptor, assume a homogeneous distribution of ligand, with concentrations in the immediate vicinity of the receptor being the same as those in the bulk aqueous phase. It is, however, known that drugs are able to interact directly with the plasma membrane, potentially increasing… Read more →

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Participants were 15 pregnant and 15 postpartum women, including nine current EC users, 11 ex users, and 10 never users. Five women who were interviewed in pregnancy were later interviewed in postpartum to explore if their views had changed. Audio data was transcribed verbatim and framework analysis was applied.Conclusions: ECs were viewed positively by some pregnant and postpartum women and… Read more →

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Weeks of street protests and general strikes forced King Birenda to proclaim (Nov., 1990) a new constitution that legalized political parties, asserted human rights, abolished the panchayat system, and vastly reduced the king’s powers in a constitutional monarchy. In the 1991 parliamentary elections, the centrist Nepali Congress party won a slim majority and formed a government, which collapsed in 1994.… Read more →