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OVS also provides $45.5 million in funding to a network of 223 victim assistance programs that serve women, men and children in every county of the state. Funding for crime victims compensation and the cost of the agency day to day operations comes entirely from the fines, mandatory surcharges and crime victim assistance fees that certain offenders must pay following… Read more →

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You see, eco fascism was never really about protecting the planet and promoting sustainable living. It was always about enslaving the population, destroying health freedom, and mandating total corporate conformity at gunpoint. That’s the lesson we’re now learning from the Rawesome Foods raids, where LA County Sheriffs literally poured thousands of dollars worth of wholesome raw milk down the drain… Read more →

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Both laboratory and literature evidence suggests that populations of O. Arenosella are unlikely to be maintained by feeding on intercrops or strongly influenced by direct competition with other lepidopterans but are likely to be affected by sharing parasitoids. Intercrop herbivores have clear potential for maintaining parasitoids of O. Eventually, the new lot of people stopped being Europeans on an extended… Read more →

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You sound like the toxic one that can’t accept someone thought the Xbox One exclusives were average, even though it seems to be the most common opinion nowadays. Some of the games you listed aren’t even exclusive anymore and some have absolutely terrible reviews because they are bad games. Blair Witch? Really?. The legal team representing the school district plans… Read more →

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This particular experiment involved applying heat to the legs of test subjects in order to cause pain, then adding a painkiller medication to an IV drip while assessing the subjects’ pain levels. When the painkiller drug was present, the test subjects were told about it, and just as expected their pain scores significantly dropped. But when test subjects were told… Read more →

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