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Adverse immune reactions prevent clinical translation of numerous implantable devices and materials. Although inflammation is an essential part of tissue regeneration, chronic inflammation ultimately leads to implant failure. In particular, macrophage polarity steers the microenvironment towards inflammation or wound healing via the induction of M1 and M2 macrophages, respectively. This site and the materials associated with the site are provided… Read more →

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A new addition to this year event is a babysitting room, which will be free with an admission ticket. There will also be many free activities, including cookie decorating, face painting, balloon animals, health screenings, breastfeeding support, plus free food samples and mini massages for adults. A clown from the Big Apple Circus will entertain, and beauty queen Amy Marchany,… Read more →

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Google, for instance, has recently come under fire for a secret project to build a censored search engine that could provide the company a way to appease Chinese regulators and get back into the Chinese market. And like Netflix’s recent situation, Google has removed some content, publicizing some data about which countries have requested it remove content and the general… Read more →

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Major pharmaceutical companies continually research and develop new melanoma/skin cancer drugs and treatments, which must be shown to be safe and effective before doctors can prescribe them to patients. Through clinical trials, researchers test the effects of new medications on a group of volunteers with melanoma/skin cancer. Following a strict protocol and using carefully controlled conditions, researchers evaluate the investigational… Read more →

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CXL, short for Compute Express Link, is an ambitious new interconnect technology for removable high bandwidth devices, such as GPU based compute accelerators, in a data center environment. It is designed to overcome many of the technical limitations of PCI Express, the least of which is bandwidth. Intel sensed that its upcoming family of scalable compute accelerators under the Xe… Read more →

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By the time Lars was eighteen, whatever tolerance he’d once had for this uncompromising tradition had long eroded. His hands were scarred from several Advents of soaking dried whitefish in lye, and every year the smell clung harder to his pores, fingernails, hair, and shoes, and not just because their surface areas had increased with maturity. Lars had also grown… Read more →

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“There’s lots of good science to be done from the Canary Islands,” Pisciotta said. Some tout the educational and economic opportunities it would bring to the Big Island. Others have compared modern astronomers to their Polynesian ancestors who used stars to navigate their wooden outriggers across the Pacific and discover new lands including Hawaii.. A., Armstrong, W. R., Avakian, H.,… Read more →