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Carbon dioxide dissolution into water is a ubiquitous chemical process on earth, and having a full understanding of this process is becoming ever more important as we seek to understand the consequences of 250 years of exponentially increasing anthropogenic C02 emissions to the atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution. We examine the dissolution of C02 into water in… Read more →

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By Cody Mello Klein [email of the most powerful people in America, and dignitaries from around the world, gathered in the echoing, awe inspiring chamber of the Washington National Cathedral on Dec. Bush. The funeral service was packed with politicians and former presidents and one young woman from Alexandria.. The project will identify their shared approaches to its representation, and… Read more →

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As one of the semifinalists, the Lucy mission has received $3 million dollars to conduct concept design studies and analyses over the course of the next year. After a detailed review and evaluation of the concept studies, NASA will make the final selections by September 2016. In the end, one or two missions will receive the mission budget of $450… Read more →

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