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Speech fluency during reading and conversation was assessed at baseline, before and after the stimulation on each day of the 5 day intervention, and at 1 and 6 weeks after the end of the intervention. Anodal stimulation combined with speech fluency training significantly reduced the percentage of disfluent speech measured 1 week after the intervention compared with fluency intervention alone.… Read more →

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There were two types manufacturing machines used in pressing the inflator propellant. One propellant manufacturing process allowed us to verify that all of the propellant was within specification, but we cannot validate the other process to our satisfaction at this time. We have decided to recall all inflator assemblies that were not confirmed by 100 percent automatic inspection during production… Read more →

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Today PaperI disappointed that the Turnbull government is making budget cuts to the “cultural and collecting entities” here in Canberra (“Capital pain in budget fine print”, December 16, p1). These institutions have already endured years of “efficiency dividends”. The National Library, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Museum, the Archives and the National Film and Sound Archives… Read more →

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In Pasadena there is a religious group that historically opposed the Revolutionary War and didn’t celebrate the Fourth of July. I am referring to the Quakers, a sect of Christians that founded the city of Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where our Constitution was written. Quakers came from Philadelphia to Pasadena and built their Meetinghouse in… Read more →

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