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Based on my own research, work as a teacher trainer and ongoing reflections on classroom practice, this paper looks beyond mainstream language teaching methodology and enquires how and why teachers can apply a number of principles found in certain other practices and theories and adopt a more multi disciplinary approach in the classroom. I provide a brief overview of fields… Read more →

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Lara: Well, we started out in Colorado, in just a few stores. We started out with a local company called the Vitamin Cottage. And then our Whole Foods Market, and then soon to follow, Wild Oats. Schumer explained that, since its inception in 1958, the Federal Perkins Loan program has successfully helped students across the country access higher education. The… Read more →

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Arriving in Dallas the next day, Duncan stayed with Troh and her family at an apartment in Fair Oaks, near Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. By Sept. 24, Duncan was complaining of a cold like malaise and slightly elevated temperature. Modern shields are more sophisticated, but still suffer from the problem of bad reception. A 1999 experiment by New Scientist… Read more →

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Since the 1950s and the beginning of the “space race” scientists have wanted to practice astronomy and particle physics using high energy neutrinos. So what’s stopping them? The challenge of building the kilometer sized observatory they predict is needed to do the science. Enter IceCube, a revolutionary new design in neutrino detecting telescopes. “Paul [Mannion] made a massive impact when… Read more →

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