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Tlah W. Gharaba). In four of the five genera recorded in the study we observed a significant drop in prevalence or/and abundance since 2004, the exception being Hepatozoon sp.Conclusions: During the 12 year long period of study in the Sinai, we observed dynamic changes and possibly even cycles of prevalence and abundance of infections which differed depending on parasite species.… Read more →

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COLERAIN, Ohio Police in Colerain say they have reports of razor blades found in Halloween candy. Police issued an alert Friday morning. They say the razor blades were found in the Pleasant Run neighborhood. Why do we need CLA so badly? According to Dr. Howenstine, human beings are not able to convert enough linoleic acid into conjugated linoleic acid. If… Read more →

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The eternal question. Where the Shirelles aren’t sure whether they can put their faith in the man (the boy, really), King is uncertain whether she can put her faith in the concept itself. The words may come from the pen of her ex husband, but it was 100percent King the composer’s choice to slow down and recontextualize the music, completely… Read more →

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We just had a situation this week where someone with more than 100 edits on Wikipedia made a real mess at Wikiversity. Fortunately, the filters restricted their efforts from becoming any worse than they already were. I’ve done what I can for you in terms of settings. “I firmly believe the question of same sex marriage is a question of… Read more →