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After being a founder three times, with two successful exits, Dylan Jacob has a strong opinion on the taboo of failure. He says, entrepreneurial community needs to openly talk about what failing means. It wrong to believe that a success story has had a smooth ride. Her husband, naturally a man of very sensitive feelings, and shocked inexpressibly by too… Read more →

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Discrete element modelling of normal compression has been simulated on a sample of breakable two ball clumps and compared to that of spheres. In both cases the size effect on strength is assumed to be that of real silica sand. The slopes of the normal compression lines are compared and found to be consistent with the proposed equation of the… Read more →

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Similarly, agitators come around often and destroy progress. Either by stealing or by destroying it. It an accepted practice since Kosovo that sending humanitarian aid and nation building efforts into areas with armed conflict without similar military support simply inflame the problem. The Children’s Hospice mascots are Harry and Holly Hosmice. On 23 December, 2006, an ITV programme arranged for… Read more →

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I’m doing a project with Nikhil Advani which I am very kicked about. There are a couple more projects, which I wouldn’t like to divulge at the moment. Let the right time come. Rose Bushes Need Specail Care For The Winter MonthsSo do you know how to winterize your rose bushes? Winterizing a rose bush the right way can ensure… Read more →

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P., Aspmo, S. I., Thymark, M., Friis, E. P., Stahl, K., Nielsen, J. Trans pornography and erotica are two sites that offer many semi aurobiographical accounts of trans sexualities that often speak back to hetero and homo normative perspectives that are usually underpinned with medicalized narratives. I argue that in the words of Kate Bornstein (1994: 163), over a decade… Read more →

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