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P., Aspmo, S. I., Thymark, M., Friis, E. P., Stahl, K., Nielsen, J. Trans pornography and erotica are two sites that offer many semi aurobiographical accounts of trans sexualities that often speak back to hetero and homo normative perspectives that are usually underpinned with medicalized narratives. I argue that in the words of Kate Bornstein (1994: 163), over a decade… Read more →

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Greer Inter: C. Kekich C. Argus M. That will make the instantaneous frequency nonsensical. To overcome this drawback, an improved method called riding wave turnover empirical AM/FM demodulation is proposed in this paper. Experiments show very favorable results.. During a quick work trip to Riyadh, a few colleagues and I decided to dine out in one of the city’s newly… Read more →

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The main hospital is located in Valley Stream, which provides 24 hour care at its state of the art facility. Central Veterinary Associates also has other convenient locations in Great Neck, Bayside, Forest Hills, Far Rockaway and Belle Harbor. The hospital features intensive care units and intravenous infusion pumps and offers state of the art radiology, endoscopy, ultrasonography, otoscopy and… Read more →

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For example, if two verniers are presented in rapid succession at the same location, they are not perceived individually but they fuse to one single vernier. The perceived offset of the fused vernier is a combination of the offsets of the two presented verniers, with the later one dominating. Here, we show that indeed, Bloch’s law does not hold across… Read more →

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En offrant l’automatique en option, le constructeur am pourra s des clients qui ne savent pas conduire manuel. Et il y en a de plus en plus. Et comme les transmissions automatiques sont devenues si performantes, il n’y a pas de doute qu’un tel ajout ferait augmenter les performances du mod sur la piste.. W., Attuyer, K., Gilroy, R., Mathews,… Read more →

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After being a founder three times, with two successful exits, Dylan Jacob has a strong opinion on the taboo of failure. He says, entrepreneurial community needs to openly talk about what failing means. It wrong to believe that a success story has had a smooth ride. Her husband, naturally a man of very sensitive feelings, and shocked inexpressibly by too… Read more →