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This thing feels like a huge gamble. Almost 2 billion dollars in debt is not a great model for an institution of higher learning right now, especially one that is looking at decreased state funding. They just initiated a 2% budget reallocation. “As older adults live longer and spend more time behind the wheel, it’s promising to see a trend… Read more →

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Erupting volcanoes pose many hazards, and not just to the surrounding countryside. In their immediate vicinity, hot, flowing lava can cause extensive damage to the environment, property, and endanger lives. However, volcanic ash can cause far reaching damage, raining sulfuric acid, disrupting air travel, and even causing “volcanic winters” by obscuring the Sun (thus triggering local crop failures and famines)..… Read more →

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“Now I am very satisfied and happy with my results. I have competed against the world’s leading swimmers and have won three medals at this big tournament,” Tng told Vietnam News. “Through this event, I gained a lot of experience and [Read more.] about Tng wins silver medal at world champs. 2 by Rachmaninoff and a new work entitled “Arise”… Read more →

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That approach operates incrementally. Improving on innovations that originated elsewhere. While the Chinese may sometimes compare what they are doing to Silicon Valley, nowhere yet is there a comparable crucible for disruptive or game changing innovation in China.The critical difference is mentality. WCS is committed to this mission because it is essential to the integrity of life on Earth. We… Read more →

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There is a growing need to support staff to use technology effectively. Without investing in resources to bridge the divide between teaching and technology, staff cannot develop the prerequisite confidence with s. Embedding OER Practice at Lincoln, now in its final weeks, showed how staff engagement with the internet for teaching and learningdoesn in isolation. The few athletes who have… Read more →

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When a criminal defendant appeals from an unfavorable outcome to an appeals court, the higher court relies on the record developed in the trial court to determine if the outcome in the trial court should stand or be overturned. Accurate transcripts of police interviews are critical to many issues on appeal, including the admissibility of confessions or other admissions damaging… Read more →