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The impact of these interventions and their different mechanisms will be considered in relation to five key outcomes: residents TM medication use, use of out of hours TM services, hospital admissions (including use of Accident and Emergency) and length of hospital stay, costs and user satisfaction. It will inform commissioning decisions and be the basis for further research. This systematic… Read more →

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Many cultures have identified the planet with their respective goddess of love and beauty. Venus is the Roman name for the goddess of love, while the Babylonians named it Ishtar and the Greeks called it Aphrodite. The Romans also designated the morning aspect of Venus Lucifer (literally “Light Bringer”) and the evening aspect as Vesper (“evening”, “supper”, “west”), both of… Read more →

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Because of this expansion (known as the Hubble Expansion), much of the light in the Universe is redshifted and only measurable in difficult to observe infrared wavelengths. But for a camera moving at relativistic speeds, according to Prof. Zhang, this redshifted light would become bluer since the motion of the camera would counteract the effects of cosmic expansion.. This annual… Read more →

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It only offers good living conditions for the very rich and a quasi existence for the very poor and the illegals who live off California welfare programs. They will soon bankrupt the state. Your sanctuary state policy has turned California into a druggy, hobo, needle user state.. President George W. Bush never even attempted to reinstate the Reagan rule, which… Read more →

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