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Zeolites are effective at adsorbing heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, and arsenic. These toxins are quickly accumulating in our bodies in the 21st century due to our overuse of chemicals in our food, household products, personal hygiene products, water, and medical treatments. These heavy metals are highly toxic and create massive free radical stress in the brain,… Read more →

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I really love being helpful and my job is literally to make everyone else’s job easier. I’m happy to pitch in when someone needs help in whatever area. It gives me such satisfaction to lessen someone’s stress. However, their emissions, atmospheric distribution, and trends in their atmospheric concentrations are insufficiently understood. Atmospheric model simulations using standard community emission inventories do… Read more →

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Modeling shows that a contribution of a star forming population of up to 40% cannot be ruled out. This value, found from our targeted survey, is significantly lower than the values found for slightly lower redshift, z 1, clusters found in wide field surveys. The results are consistent with cosmic downsizing, as the clusters studied here were all found in… Read more →

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The most common guidelines for poultry ordinances, the researchers found, pertain to housing design, placement and the sex of birds some municipalities ban roosters altogether, some do not, and still others permit one rooster per 12 hens, for example. But regulations pertaining to cleanliness, ventilation, and food and water requirements are often lacking. Ordinances governing the slaughter of backyard chickens… Read more →

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