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But the establishment dismissal of jeans only made them more popular with young people The 1960s saw a jeans explosion with the anti establishment crowd. Jeans now came in vivid colors, and new shapes, including the iconic bell bottoms (a style worn by sailors). Jeans now came embellished with embroidery and appliques, or were home decorated with creative patching and… Read more →

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Spice is sold as incense in local head shops and even gas stations. But that’s not how it’s used. Spice contains any number of chemicals that get people high, but can also have serious side effects. Large geysers have also been observed in the southern polar region that periodically release plumes of water ice, gas and dust which replenish Saturn’s… Read more →

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And then, for gods sake, make a radical choice and follow it through. Stop waiting for some perfect opportunity to present itself. Pick a direction, and go hard in that direction while making no apologies or excuses. You’re ready to get pregnant, and you’re wondering if your psoriasis could be a problem. But like any other condition, it’s smart to… Read more →

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They also make a stout made withsweet potatoes, an ale made with oranges, and a malt beverage made with agave, honey, lemon and lime. We pride ourselves on our porch sippin’ and backyard grillin’ with our beloved kinfolk, and this traditional IPA offers the perfect libation to add to the Southern hospitality and charm that we hold so dear. Our… Read more →

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This paper explores a form of knowledge politics played out within and between universities and research institutes as sites of certified disciplinary expertise in the agro food domain. It investigates the openness TM of this domain to the expertise of the agro food social sciences particularly when challenge led research programmes require collaboration across disciplines. A case study is provided… Read more →

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Other sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna, fish oils and vitamin D supplements. If you plan on drinking vitamin D fortified milk, however, be warned: Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine found the labels misleading. 80 percent of milk samples contained either 20 percent less or 20 percent more vitamin D than the amount advertised on labels. Item… Read more →