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Ethical ConsiderationsThere is no prevention or cure for Down’s, but it can be identified during ante natal testing. Initial tests involve screening, most commonly a blood sample from the mother, or an ultrasound scan. Further tests may be offered if this scan shows anything unusual, or if the age of the mother is a factor, or there are other indicators.… Read more →

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Named after its designer, Hans Mezger, this legendary engine is partly descended from the water cooled engine in the 911 GT1 race car. Over the years, the engine has grown larger and more powerful. The new GT3 uses a 4.0 liter flat six derived from more modern Porsche engines, unrelated to the earlier Mezger design, making 500 horsepower and 339… Read more →

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The ICWHR cycle differs from the Rankine cycle in that an energy conversion subsystem is not necessary since the recovered energy is sent back to the combustion chamber directly, and then the system efficiency is improved significantly. Furthermore, the theoretical results indicate that the full cycle efficiency of ICWHR system is determined by the regeneration effectiveness, the compression ratio and… Read more →

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Second, cancer patients are only allowed to participate in Dr. Burzynski’s trials if they have already gone through conventional cancer treatments that have been deemed unsuccessful. With the exception of a few cases where exemptions were granted, most of Dr. Many such alternative approaches are, however, inherently incompatible with branch and bound solvers. We, hence, define a structure to be… Read more →

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The result is what project originator Central Standard Time claims is the world’s thinnest watch at 0.8 mm, one that dispenses with traditional straps and clasps with its bangle design. Unfortunately, the slim profile makes for some compromises. The watch requires a base station in order to be charged, which needs to take place about once per month, and the… Read more →

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The Act (1983) Insanity and the LawChild and AdolescentThis section is entitled ‘obstetric’ for want of a catch all phrase, and covers mental health issues related to menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and the postnatal phase. Included are Premenstrual Syndrome, postnatal blues and depression, postnatal psychosis, and the effects of pregnancy and menopause on mental health.Premenstrual SyndromePremenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is defined as… Read more →

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Uva ursi is indicated for atonic, chronic conditions and infectious conditions of the urinary tract. Use: (a) Urinary tract antiseptic, (b) Diuretic, (c) Increases renal circulation, (d) Stimulates tubular function. Research claims uva ursi works best in an alkaline pH for treatment of urinary tract infections. It is known that variation in the maternal diet during early sensitive periods of… Read more →

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In researching the history of the first Scottish Terrier born in America, I was amazed to find that he shared MacGregor’s birthday, born September 15th, 1884. So, MacGregor and I began our new relationship. Me, hopeful that he would settle into his new life happily and he, determined to be the boss. Standard Pyramid ComplexesAll pyramids were accompanied by a… Read more →