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That’s right, fans never learned Penny’s last name. Regardless of being billed third in the list of actors, Kaley Cuoco’s character is known only by her first name. Emilia Clarke unmasked the person’s identity in a recent interview. “More likely, in my opinion, the reason for his summons to the White House was to see how he would react to… Read more →

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This is the second of a series of four articles on our digital future, where we explore the opportunities and impacts of digital technologies in a few areas. This article, Part 2 in the series, focusing on the financial services industry, looks at the evolving ‘fintech’ sector and how it is changing industry structure in financial services and changing the… Read more →

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Thought a $30K increase was necessary to help companies stay focused on building their product without worrying about fundraising too soon, Y Combinator chief executive officer Michael Seibel wrote in a blog post this morning. For startups has never been more abundant, and we’ll continue to focus on the things that remain hard to come by community, simplicity, advice that’s… Read more →

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Purpose: The potential for e commerce is limited by a trust deficit when traders do not interact in a physical, bricks and mortar context. The theory of information richness posits that equivocal interactions, such as ones requiring trust, can be facilitated through communication media that transmit multiple cues interactively. In particular, as hypothesised, both trustingness and trustworthiness are higher in… Read more →

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No we can’t agree. Just bc you knew what it means doesn’t make language any less important. People like you are the worst attempting to discredit me for some reason with no actual point to make. Katherine Woskett and Patrick Kieren Holmes were not in court but solicitor Mr Sharman entered pleas of not guilty to offensive behaviour on their… Read more →

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We won’t be able to tell whether Larsen C is unstable until the iceberg has calved and we are able to understand the behavior of the remaining ice. The stability of ice shelves is important because they resist the flow of the grounded ice inland. After the collapse of Larsen B, its tributary glaciers accelerated, contributing to sea level rise.”.… Read more →

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Background: The short term effects of low energy availability (EA) on bone metabolism in physically active women and men are currently unknown.Purpose: We evaluated the effects of low EA on bone turnover markers (BTMs) in a cohort of women and a cohort of men, and compared effects between sexes.Methods: These studies were performed using a randomised, counterbalanced, crossover design. Blood… Read more →

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These findings can inform researchers about the role of speech sounds in accessing meaning and potentially be of use to marketers in the selection of product names.The present study extends upon the current body of literature about sound symbolism. Sound symbolism refers to the phenomenon that sounds contained within a word can convey meaning, independently of the meaning of the… Read more →

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It is easily available, it’s cheaper and allowed to smoke it in places where smoking is not allowed.” Dr. Ehsan said the narrative for vaping needs to change. SSM Health pulmonologists provide consultation, diagnosis, and care for illnesses and conditions that affect breathing and the lungs. Nah, it was in our penalty box, so no reason for Guz to play… Read more →

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