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Society transformed from an interconnected and developing system to one that turned on itself. During the Civil War, highlanders endured impressment into Confederate and Union military service, requisitions of resources, deprivation of various necessities, guerrilla violence, and general social and economic disintegration. Originally the backbone of their society, elites turned inwardly, pursuing their self interest without aiming to preserving their… Read more →

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Studies of spider silks indicate that they may outperform virtually all synthetic fibres in terms of strength, elasticity and toughness. To date, most silks studied come from only a select few species and likely underrepresent the immense diversity of the clades. Here, protein and mRNA sequence analyses were used to study silk from two types of spider. Biomass burning activities… Read more →

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What happened next?Shortly after passing his hundred, Gower passed Colin Cowdrey’s aggregate of 7624 Test runs, putting him second among Englishmen after Geoffrey Boycott. Cowdrey scored his runs from one fewer innings than Gower and with an almost identical averageThe draw gave England their first summer without a Test defeat since 1979Gower scored back to back hundreds in Australia but… Read more →

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