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Gondii tachyzoites and T. Gondii infected human retinal cells at 6 hr, 24 hr and 48 hr post infection. Principal component analysis (PCA) of the Raman spectra of paraformaldehyde fixed infected cells indicated a significant increase in the amount of lipids and proteins in the T. Miskey encouraged the audience to embrace affordable housing that both uplifts individuals and their… Read more →

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The master built home, which has previously featured in the Spring Spectacular, overlooks approximately 2000 square metres of exquisite gardens and is embraced by a warm Northerly aspect. With a propagating shed and a large additional water supply available from a private bore, the property is a gardeners delight. While a large undercover alfresco area, beautiful gazebos and a 12… Read more →

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Cell performance change dramatically with temperature, but it improves with temperature if a suitable operating temperature window is sustained. This paper provides a review on two aspects that are battery thermal model development and thermal management strategies. Thermal effects of lithium ion batteries in terms of thermal runaway and response under cold temperatures will be studied, and heat generation methods… Read more →

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2. LB NaVorro Bowman. I don’t include Bowman in the list of leaders because he’s a question mark. Such looming legal troubles, along with the fact that Hurricane Katrina decimated his district and scattered his traditional base of supporters, would be enough to sink most politicians. But “Dollar Bill,” as his detractors dubbed him years ago, is a fierce campaigner… Read more →

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Bdellovibrio can be engulfed and ultimately eliminated by host neutrophils and macrophages, yet have a sufficient dwell time to prey on pathogens. Experiments in immune compromised zebrafish reveal that maximal therapeutic benefits of Bdellovibrio result from the synergy of both bacterial predation and host immunity, but that in vivo predation contributes significantly to the survival outcome. Our results demonstrate that… Read more →

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At higher O2 levels, removal of the endothelium or, the nitric oxide (NO) synthase inhibitor L NAME, significantly attenuated contractile response in all porcine vessels. This suggests an interaction between endothelium derived NO and NaHS, whereby the removal of the vasorelaxatory influence of NO resulted in contraction. In porcine arteries, relaxation at lower O2 levels was attenuated by glibenclamide, suggesting… Read more →

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Herds in Northern Ireland had the shortest average calving interval but the highest somatic cell counts (SCC), and thus greater estimated mastitis incidence and wasted milk. Notably, England had considerably higher economic values (between 10 and 30%) and emission intensity values (between 11 and 37%) for SCC and mastitis incidence than other regions, due to lost milk production and the… Read more →

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