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Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation, 5Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractAbstract Background: MCF 7, T 47 D, ZR 75 1 human breast cancer cell lines are dependent on oestrogen for growth but can adapt to grow during long term oestrogen deprivation. This serves as a model for identification of therapeutic targets in endocrine resistant breast cancer. Methods: An overlooked complication of… Read more →

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Containment Booms Containment booms are essentially long floating barriers that are placed to contain spills off the beach or to collect oil which has been flushed from the shoreline before it disperses into the waters. 3. Industrial Vacuums These large vacuums are used to suction spilt oil from the beach or shoreline to prevent harm done to the shoreline ecosystem.… Read more →

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Jadhav: I’ve been in this situation few months back. Knew field will be up in the end and will be easy to take one or two. The way Kuldeep batted gave me confidence too. Two pilot plants have been constructed at two different sites, namely at Markham, Alkane Energy and at Caphouse, National Coal Mining Museum (NCM) for the experimental… Read more →

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Community pharmacies mood intervention Study (CHEMIST) Feasibility and External Pilot randomised controlled trial protocolLittlewood, E. A., Ali, S., Badenhorst, J., Bailey, D., Bambra, C. L., Chew Graham, C., Coleman, I., Crosland, S., Gascoyne, S., Gilbody, S., Hewitt, C. There were some protests, particularly from wives of sub sailors, after the military began formulating a plan last fall. But it received… Read more →

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Mandava researches age related macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in people older than 60. There are therapies, but no cure. His research has focused on technologies in imaging, drug therapy and artificial vision. Recycling alone is never going to solve the single use plastics problem.”We need waste minimisation policy to prioritise and measure reduction of plastic use… Read more →

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According to the Azerbaijani minister, one of the disturbing factors is that four resolutions adopted by the UN have not yet been enforced. Congress is also taken into account, we will see what tension reigns in the region. If this situation continues, we will face the necessity to use the capabilities of our military,” Abiyev said. It’s also a bit… Read more →

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Selected sequence variants in the PNR LBD associated with human retinopathies, or a mutation in the dimerization region of PPAR LBD associated with familial partial lipodystrophy type 3, were found to disrupt PNR/PPAR complex formation. Wild type PNR, but not a PNR309G mutant, was able to repress PPAR mediated transcription in reporter assays. In summary our results reveal novel heterodimer… Read more →

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Campylobacter jejuni outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) contain numerous virulence associated proteins including the cytolethal distending toxin and three serine proteases. As C. Jejuni lacks the classical virulence associated secretion systems of other enteric pathogens that deliver effectors directly into target cells, OMVs may have a particularly important role in virulence. However, it did not demonstrate good performance for the beam… Read more →

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