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Bottom line is drivers need to be responsible when they behind the wheel, Farren said. That means not making the phone calls, that fine with us. Industry initially opposed Eide attempts to restrict drivers cellphone use. Roberts, her children Lee Roberts and Rebecca Roberts, her grandchildren Regan, Hale and Cecilia Roberts and Claiborne, Jack and Roland Hartman, along with numerous… Read more →

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Frankly speaking, I was not prepared for it. The song was actually an experiment with the hip hop style. I am young and wanted to try out different genres in music. This paper describes theoretical and experimental study of the fundamentals of using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for label free detection of voltage. Plasmonic voltage sensing relies on the capacitive… Read more →

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Palgrave MacmillanResearch output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding ChapterGlobal perspectives and key debates in sex and relationships education: Addressing issues of gender, sexuality, plurality and power. Sundaram, V. (ed.) Sauntson, H. In part this has been because employers cannot easily identify their autistic employees (Morris, Begel and Weidermann 2015; Sarrett 2017), thus restricting research access to people with this hidden disability… Read more →

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When Howard introduced his “A New Tax System (Mess)” tax rebates were something which had a change of name, to tax offsets, to make things appear different when they were actually the same other examples are PAYG and provisional tax, both of which became PAYG. It is entirely appropriate that imputation credits should return to their original status. A reversion… Read more →

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