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Feldman and the others want the city to close the downtown coal fired Drake Power Plant, a matter that’s currently under study, with a decision due this summer. They also oppose hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, which currently isn’t a pressing issue in the area, since drillers have hit only dry holes locally. Still, the students orchestrated a… Read more →

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“We have developed and changed the way we do business,” he said. “It has created an opportunity for us to engage with consumers more directly. In the past, we had been more focused on the group side. But the Senate is moving forward with a separate measure that would regulate the caf and impose a $100 fee per computer terminal… Read more →

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However, not all Manuka Honey is suitable for medical use. Manuka Honey’s antibacterial potency varies from batch to batch. The only way to know for sure whether a particular batch of Manuka Honey is of medical grade quality, it must be laboratory tested. Not everyone was in favor of The Match Race. Ruffian’s trainer Frank Whiteley Jr. Has since passed… Read more →

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“It was at twilight and it froze him.” The sound of the ball smashing into Chapman’s skull was so loud that Mays thought it had hit the end of Chapman’s bat, so he fielded the ball and threw to first base. Plate Umpire Tommy Connolly noticed that Chapman was bleeding. While he screamed towards the stands for a doctor, Tris… Read more →

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The Puzzle: Putting Together The Pieces toward a Successful Financial Future by Anthony W. Bernard Publication Date: October 31, 2011Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795 4274 x. 7879. But most travellers report that the terminal feel relatively safe to sleep in the open.… Read more →

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