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Another option suggested to those undergoing vasectomy is to preserve their fertility by depositing semen in sperm banks. Such semen samples are frozen in liquid nitrogen below ( and are considered to be viable for an indefinite period. However, there is considerable debate over the scientific and ethical aspects of sperm freezing, and the practice is still considered experimental. Headed… Read more →

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Aims: To determine the extent to which video games include alcohol and tobacco content and assess the association between playing them and alcohol and smoking behaviours in adolescent players.Design: Assessment of substance in the 32 UK bestselling video games of 2012/2013; online survey of adolescent playing of 17 games with substance content; content analysis of the five most popular games.Setting:… Read more →

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Farmers and Graziers, for which Mr Moroney worked, was selling up to 12,000 bales a day in the Lilac Time Hall, the Goulburn Soldiers Club and the Workers Club. By the 1980s and 1990s, Japanese, English, Korean and Italian buyers were scrambling for top quality lines. “World wool record!” the headline trumpeted in 1985 when Hillcrest fetched 17,000 cents for… Read more →

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Timing behaviour plays an important role in the daily living of individuals from a great variety of species. For example, organisms must be able to discriminate between the durations of relevant events (temporal discrimination) and to regulate their own behaviour in time (temporal differentiation). The processes that allow animals to adjust their behaviour to the temporal regularities of the environment… Read more →

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The second bill is SB 264/HB 563. This bill would allow businesses to discriminate against people based upon their sexual orientation. If this bill is signed into law, we may as well tell the world we are returning to the Jim Crow era of the south where “Whites Only”, or “No Negroes” or “Colored” signs told people where they can… Read more →

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The STELLA apparatus for particle Gamma coincidence fusion measurements with nanosecond timingHeine, M., Courtin, S., Fruet, G., Jenkins, D. G., Morris, L., Montanari, D., Rudigier, M., Adsley, P., Curien, D., Della Negra, S., Lesrel, J., Beck, C., Charles, L., Den, P., Haas, F., Hammache, F., Heitz, G., Krauth, M., Meyer, A., Podolyk, Z. 4 othersRegan, P. No data is shared… Read more →

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According to the Florida Department of Health, there have been no reported outbreaks in the area,” DCPS School Health Services Director Elizabeth Trisotto told News4Jax on Wednesday. The school district is offering free flu shots to all students with no out of pocket expenses. According to DCPS, Medicaid, Florida Kidcare and other private insurance companies will be billed. Great writing… Read more →

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But now, as we are wounding the planet, we are directly encouraging a situation in which these agents could be unleashed upon the human population by nature itself. Forget about bioterrorists nature is the biggest threat to human life as we know it on this planet, simply because modern human life is largely a threat to nature. Unless we learn… Read more →

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