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The framework is significant because it incorporates an evaluation of the legitimacy of a data driven model’s internal modelling mechanism as a core element in the modelling process. The framework’s value is demonstrated by two simple artificial neural network river forecasting scenarios. We develop a novel adaptation of first order partial derivative, relative sensitivity analysis to enable each model’s mechanistic… Read more →

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The unique structure of the beds provides protection to a large span of marine invertebrates and juvenile fish, prevents erosion by stabilizing sediment layers, and improves water quality by filtering nutrients and sediments. It is also consumed by various marine invertebrate species as a primary food source. However, eelgrass meadows have been subject to significant environmental degradation over the past… Read more →

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KAEPERNICK: There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police. So that’s a large part of it, and they’re government officials. On several occasions, Kitchens places his top three receivers Beckham, Landry, Callaway under the same umbrella, saying the trio has a lot of similar skill sets. Which sounds fine in theory if Callaway plays like Beckham… Read more →

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Quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction analysis demonstrated a strong repression of B cell specific genes in these E2A PBX1/Hoxa9 leukemias in addition to Flt3 activation, indicating inhibition of B cell differentiation in combination with enhanced proliferation. Overexpression of Hoxa9 in established E2A PBX1 mouse leukemic B cells resulted in a growth advantage in vitro, which was also characterized by… Read more →

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