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In this paper we provide a brief history of EC, recognizing the significant contributions that have been made by its pioneers. We focus on two methodologies (Genetic Programming and Hyper heuristics), which have been proposed as being suitable for automated software development, and question why they are not used more widely by those outside of the academic community. We suggest… Read more →

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Under new coach Herm Edwards, ASU’s identity has drastically changed. The team is looking less like its West Coast offensive past and more like a grind it out SEC team. Though it’s very early in the season, it is still worth noting that the Sun Devils have allowed the fewest rush yards of any team in the country notwithstanding a… Read more →

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After 16 matches and nearly six months, the Championship was settled by a hat trick. Toby Roland Jones secured Middlesex’s first title since 1993 and, whatever the shenanigans to set up the denouement, their unbeaten record insisted they deserved it. The Championship enjoyed a heady afternoon when it was talked about as much as Premier League football and even their… Read more →

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Make them happy to die, and they’ll die, all for the sake of Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth. We applied several network analytical and visualization techniques to explore the data. Our findings indicate that more than one in seven developers spanned multiple projects which potentially had the effects of shaping the projects’ directions, and increased knowledge flow and innovation.… Read more →

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You might wonder if Mars’ atmosphere is thick enough to carry sound. The good news is that it is, but unlike Earth’s much densernitrogen oxygen mix, Martian air is 100 times thinner and composed of 95% carbon dioxide. If you could snap off your helmet and talk out loudon the Red Planet, your voice would sound deeper and not travel… Read more →

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Sadly, fatalities are beginning to occur among those who were severely burned in this unfortunate catastrophe. Culturally speaking, because of the current state of affairs in Taiwan where being gay is not yet as accepted as it is in North America, the families of those who have died do NOT want these victims in any way tied to a “gay”… Read more →

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In fact, the BOSS team was able to measure the distribution of galaxies in the cosmos, and at a distance of 6 billion light years, to within an unprecedented 1% margin of error. Determining the nature of cosmic objects at great distances is no easy matter, due the effects of relativity. As Dr. _ Oregon, the first state to let… Read more →

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Some of the strategies include preparing all your “important documents” such as your passport and birth certificate. This is obviously based on the idea that you are going to be relocated and will probably end up as a refugee of some sort (in a FEMA camp, no doubt). So remember to bring your birth certificate. Whether it a meal or… Read more →

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