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Bypass all the unfair censorship by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Get your daily news and videos directly from the source! Download here.Disney humanoid robot prototype Hero 6 character made with fake skin, fluidsDisney patent for the concept admits that the goal is to create a human like robot that will physically interact with children without scaring them. It has… Read more →

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Bob Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies, which owns significant development projects in Liberia, said: few years ago while attending the Clinton Global Initiative and after hearing President Sirleaf appeal to the American private sector for support, I made a commitment to mobilize $30 million for Liberia. In June 2009, we opened the RLJ Kendeja Resort Villas, a… Read more →

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On Wednesday, the High Court agreed for a second time with serial litigant and inmate Arthur Taylor that a ban on smoking in prisons is illegal. The government introduced the ban in all prisons in 2011 and Taylor, who doesn’t smoke, challenged that ban December last year. The High Court then ruled in Taylor’s favour, saying banning smoking in Auckland… Read more →

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The TG2 inhibitors Z DON and R283 attenuated the PMA and FK induced increases in TG2 activity. Pre treatment with PMA and FK reversed H2O2 induced cell death as judged by a MTT reduction assay and the release of cellular LDH. The TG2 inhibitors R283 and Z DON blocked PMA and FK induced cytoprotection. Come on. You need to stop… Read more →

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Additionally Cannon Lake will add support for SHA NI, which brings acceleration of SHA and MD5. Surely this will bring like a 100 acceleration for such algorithms, but I’m a firm believer that algorithm specific instructions don’t belong in a general purpose CPU. Whether it’s algorithms for cryptography or compression, these algorithms keep evolving making acceleration quickly outdated. Of course,… Read more →

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And that’s just the expected audience interaction, saying nothing about those patented Grammy moments the broadcast is known for, wherein two artists with little to no connection get mashed up for one surprisingly killer performance. Think: Last year’s killer opener with Kendrick Lamar and U2 or Alicia Keys and Maren Morris teaming up on the latter’s “Once” the year before… Read more →

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At 27 years old, I obviously had my little lady hands full. I worked full time from home but I also had to do all the other “things” that most moms have to do. I generally tried to schedule my outside activities though around times when I could at least have reinforcements in the person of one wonderful husband, my… Read more →

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