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At 27 years old, I obviously had my little lady hands full. I worked full time from home but I also had to do all the other “things” that most moms have to do. I generally tried to schedule my outside activities though around times when I could at least have reinforcements in the person of one wonderful husband, my… Read more →

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Ku Klux Klan a secret racist organization founded in the Southern United States in 1865 to promote and uphold supremacy. It has been (and is) the most virulent white racist organization in the US, and has international links. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK or Klan) is devoted to maintaining the alleged superiority of the white Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP). Some… Read more →

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Beyond just a tennis store however, Wisniewski wants The Tennis Professor to make a difference in the community. She is committed to supporting local business by carrying unique locally made tennis clothing, building personal relationships with customers, and giving people a chance to try out products on the in store hitting wall. Wisniewski also wants to get racquets into the… Read more →

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Distance metrics are broadly used in different research areas and applications, such as bio informatics, data mining and many other fields. However, there are some metrics, like pq gram and Edit Distance used specifically for data with a hierarchical structure. Other metrics used for non hierarchical data are the geometric and Hamming metrics. Testing demonstrated that bougies with dual or… Read more →

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Bypass all the unfair censorship by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Get your daily news and videos directly from the source! Download here.Disney humanoid robot prototype Hero 6 character made with fake skin, fluidsDisney patent for the concept admits that the goal is to create a human like robot that will physically interact with children without scaring them. It has… Read more →

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