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If you are taking rivaroxaban to treat blood clots, the dose is usually taken twice a day for the first 3 weeks, and then once a day. To lower the risk of blood clots forming again, this medication is usually taken once a day. Carefully follow your doctor’s directions. Avoid it: Check the ingredients list. Whole wheat (or some other… Read more →

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Fire broke out in an apartment at the intersection of Superior Avenue and E. Friday. Cleveland firefighters battle a large building fire. We have become very familiar with the genome being represented as a one dimensional sequence of the four nucleobases cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine. However, in reality this chain folds and is densely packed into the nucleus of… Read more →

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Don control Libra was the central theme of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony today in Congress. The House of Representatives unleashed critiques of his approach to cryptocurrency, privacy, encryption and running a giant corporation during six hours of hearings. Zuckerberg tried to assuage their fears while stoking concerns that if Facebook doesn build Libra, the world will end up using… Read more →

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Keith defies indoor smoking bans worldwide when the Stones are on tour. Others did it before him, but chances are when you see a guitarist smoking while performing (or putting the cig in his or her instrument’s tuning keys) Richards was the impetus. The recently announced news that he snorted his father’s ashes was surprising only in that Richards didn’t… Read more →

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Only five windows were available to make observations. Credit:IAC/UAE Space Agency/NASA/ESASETI Institute “staring cameras” used for wide field observations of the re entry. Credit: IAC/UAE Space Agency/NASA/ESAShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click… Read more →

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In executing a search warrant for Rhoades’ home, police found photos of a nude teenager who was later identified as Walters, whose body was found in September 1990. He was extradited to Utah in 2005 to be tried for the deaths of Candace Walsh and Douglas Zyskowski; however, in accordance with the victims’ families’ requests, the charges were dropped in… Read more →

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Share this:This death has really affected me deeply. This child did not have to die and I do not believe we are being told the whole truth regarding his death. This is another case where CPS screwed up and another child is dead. OP: It really depends on your current background/knowledge level and what you want to do. Sec+ with… Read more →

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One of the major challenges in conventional incremental sheet forming (ISF) is the extreme sheet thinning resulted in an uneven thickness distribution of formed part. This is also the case for incrementally formed parts with hole flanging features. To overcome this problem, a new ISF based hole flanging processing method is proposed by developing a new ISF flanging tool. Last… Read more →

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