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Has revolutionized our understanding of our place in the cosmos, Hertz said. We know because of the Kepler Space Telescope and its science mission that planets are more common than stars in our galaxy. Lost in 2013 because of equipment failure, Kepler was salvaged by engineers and kept peering into the cosmos, thick with stars and galaxies, ever on the… Read more →

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The Fernsehturm (TV Tower) is one of Berlin’s most iconic, and most photographed, spots around the city. In a puddle or a glass faade you can see the TV Tower twice the reflection creates an alienation effect. You can also take photos of pedestrians in shop windows to create a similar effect.. Wilson dives on at best a very swollen… Read more →

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Human food production, for example, is overwhelmingly dependent on pollination provided by honeybees. Unfortunately, with current global problems such as growing human population and increasing pollution levels reaching new extremities each year, the ecosystem services that our world provides us, including pollination, are being diminished or lost completely. A myriad of anthropogenic and environmental factors, including pesticide application, climate change,… Read more →

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In this structural study, we show that the opposite is true. Combined small angle scattering with X rays and neutrons coupled to coarse grained modeling reveal that the intrinsically disordered C terminal arms are relatively collapsed around the tetrameric OB core and collapse further upon ssDNA binding. This implies a mechanism of action, in which the disordered C terminal domain… Read more →

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And while we’re on the subject, Badgley’s Gossip Girl character, Dan Humphrey, also wasn’t all that great. After all, he was Gossip Girl the whole time, meaning he did some really messed up s to people he loved. But all the dastardly deeds haven’t stopped You fans from lusting after Badgley’s character. Ada Blenkhorn, 1899Ms Blenkhorn (1858 1927) began writing… Read more →

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