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Among the diversity of existing supramolecular hydrogels, nucleic acid based hydrogels are of particular interest for potential drug delivery and tissue engineering applications because of their inherent biocompatibility. Hydrogel performance is directly related to the nanostructure and the self assembly mechanism of the material, an aspect that is not well understood for nucleic acid based hydrogels in general and has… Read more →

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“Literally, he caught the first flight home.”Sherlag said Bean surrendered at the Justice Center jail.Sherlag described the prosecution’s strategy toward Bean as a “shotgun approach.””Here they are throwing new things against the wall,” he said. “As we know with shotgun approaches, sometimes you hit your target and sometimes you don’t.”Meanwhile, the criminal sexual abuse case against Bean also continues. Prosecutors… Read more →

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A certain point, I started stepping back and thinking about the actual cities that I writing, Mavroudis said. Came across my hometown San Jose, California, and that stopped me in my tracks. Said that he hopes that people look beyond just the list of cities and realize that each name on the cover represents a shooting that affects entire communities..… Read more →

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