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Without warning, however, one of the subjects produced a firearm and threatened to shoot the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan told police officers he recognized the gun was “fake” and approached the subject (not advisable). The Good Samaritan and the suspect engaged in a physical altercation; however, the suspect was able to escape prior to our arrival. Being at the… Read more →

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(NaturalNews) The birth of a baby should be a joyous occasion for a family. However, over the past decade, over 130,000 babies in the United States have been born with drug addictions, making the experience anything but happy. Many times, the babies if they’re lucky enough to survive shake uncontrollably, one of the many outward physical expressions of being born… Read more →

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Speech segmentation by statistical learning is supported by domain general processes within working memoryPalmer, S. D. Mattys, S., 11 May 2016Article in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental PsychologyDivided attention disrupts perceptual encoding during speech recognitionMattys, S. Hilditch was captain coach of Mudgee from 1986 to 1988, leading the Dragons to a premiership in his first year in charge alongside fellow… Read more →

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The detour will be in place until November while Shirley Construction works on the new bridge and roadway, straightening out a curve and making it a smoother area for motorists. Relocating the existing athletic fields is also part of the plan. There are fields at the existing Eugene Simpson Stadium and of soccer fields in the Potomac Yards area. This… Read more →

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Then, during January 2014, I went back to Patagonia to conduct the field component of my research. Working with Conservacion Patagonica wildlife managers, the conservation NGO running the Future Patagonia National Park, I selected a study area where I surveyed the distribution of vizcachas and generated an index of occupancy to estimate abundance. Field methods and natural history of the… Read more →