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Variant cjd: the human equivalent of mad cow diseaseFrom the beginning of the BSE epidemic, scientists and others in Britain feared that BSE might jump species again to infect humans who had consumed infected beef. This, however, had never occurred in scrapie from sheep, a disease known for hundreds of years. In 1996, the first report of this possibility occurred… Read more →

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Even within IPM guidelines, there’s a decided disconnect between theory and practice at the DPR. A matter of fact report on the DPR website mentions that carbaryl is being used in residential areas to protect vineyards. What happened to IPM? There are organic alternatives to carbaryl, which the EPA places in the group of pesticides that pose the greatest risk… Read more →

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A psychologist was little help when he told Clive to set goals. He told him there was no such thing as depression and to focus on organising his life. Next stop was a psychiatrist who would only see Clive but not Geraldine. Hell yes. We provide our community with the opportunity to share their opinions and vote on topics that… Read more →

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Adolph Zukor, a Hungarian born entrepreneur, opens his first penny arcades in New York and New Jersey. (Zukor became the most influential figure in Canadian film exhibition and distribution.) George Scott and Co. Make The Great Fire of Toronto. Of it seemed to be ordinary garbage carelessly tossed away by humans, the Washington Post reported. In all, plastic accounted for… Read more →

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England had retained the Ashes in 1956, convincingly beaten West Indies the following year and then thrashed a weak New Zealand side in 1958. The only slight hiccup had come in South Africa in 1956 57, when they squandered a 2 0 lead to draw the series. Australia, meanwhile, were undertaking a rebuilding exercise under their new captain, Richie Benaud,… Read more →

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According to John Moore, a University of Florida anthropologist, families might have the right social dynamic to take on long duration space voyages such as the colonization of another star, which could take 200 years to reach. By organizing the crew along family lines, Moore believes a crew would be better protected from problems that could occur over a multigenerational… Read more →