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Variant cjd: the human equivalent of mad cow diseaseFrom the beginning of the BSE epidemic, scientists and others in Britain feared that BSE might jump species again to infect humans who had consumed infected beef. This, however, had never occurred in scrapie from sheep, a disease known for hundreds of years. In 1996, the first report of this possibility occurred… Read more →

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Even within IPM guidelines, there’s a decided disconnect between theory and practice at the DPR. A matter of fact report on the DPR website mentions that carbaryl is being used in residential areas to protect vineyards. What happened to IPM? There are organic alternatives to carbaryl, which the EPA places in the group of pesticides that pose the greatest risk… Read more →

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While Tatsuya handles buying trips across the globe, it’s Ryo who specialises in restoration, customisation and the brand’s bespoke eyewear. His limited edition and one off creations include 18ct gold frames (made to order, from 5,000) embellished with Nepalese and Indian emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Solakzade also handles everything from eye tests and prescription lenses to frame adjustments in its… Read more →

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Well, not all games, but most of them, which he says are a waste of time involving “a lot of tedium.”But this is not a rant against all the World of Warcrafters out there; rather, Vogel’s criticisms will likely ring true with massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) players as much as anyone. Vogel’s big problem with RPGs could… Read more →

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