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Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractWe introduce the notion of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of image gradient orientations. As image data is typically noisy, but noise is substantially different from Gaussian, traditional PCA of pixel intensities very often fails to estimate reliably the low dimensional subspace of a given data population. We show that replacing intensities with gradient… Read more →

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Many politicians have mentioned an interest in running. Congressman Luis Gutierrez has already announced that he has formed an exploratory committee. Gutierrez, Emanuel and Jesse Jackson Jr. The k test for correlation between surgical and MRI findigs was 0.27 for ITB abnormalities, 0.47 for ALL/capsule abnormalities, 0.23 for ALL/capsule determination of partial or complete tear and 0.49 for ALL/capsule determination… Read more →

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While moveable wealth can be obtained by peaceful means, it is often easier, and more ‘heroic’, to obtain such wealth via plunder. Here Wormald recommends that we remember one of the basic meanings of the noun viking, that of a sea borne military adventurer. It is perhaps significant that, in Egil’s Saga, Thorolf sends Thorgils to England to buy foodstuffs.… Read more →

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On Monday morning, rescuers landed on the side of the Golden Ray and rappelled down the hull. Heflin, who was coordinating the search, said they found three men in a room close to the propeller shaft, near the bottom of the stern. Responders began drilling, starting with a 3 inch (7.5 centimeter) hole. S., Parkin, A., Hurst, G. A. Fascione,… Read more →

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Ralph’s story would have been interesting enough, a modern day Davy Crockett leaving civilization behind, pitting himself against the odds, and creating a fulfilling and workable life. Yes, such a story would have fired the imaginations of adventure lovers everywhere. But while Ralph chose to live a quiet life off the beaten track in the remote Canadian wilderness, his heroic… Read more →