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I say hogwash! There are many cures for diabetes. Adult onset type 2 diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to reverse, and I mean completely reverse, through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. You don’t need a single drug to treat that disease. Ultimately, the new law, which the government claims will facilitate greater social cohesion, will simply serve to… Read more →

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They’re tougher than I’ll ever be. How’d you hurt your shoulder? Dakich said. Question, and one that’ll never get answered. TonsillectomyAs mentioned above, both recurrent tonsillitis and abscesses can be indications for the removal of the tonsils, as are obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and suspected cancer or lymphoma. Various methods such as cutting, freezing, diathermy (electric cutting) and laser surgery… Read more →

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The other is the Asian South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE), a regional network of education practitioners and activists currently headquartered in Mumbai. I explore one example of information politics carried out by each of my case study organizations: ActionAid TMs International Benchmarks on Adult Literacy, and ASPBAE TMs Asia South Pacific Education Watch. My intention here… Read more →

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The reality: “Diet soda is no panacea,” says Lisa R. Sugar free doesn mean healthy. In fact, the “false sweetness” of diet soda can be quite problematic, says Young. Jejuni strains tested but was not universal in C. Coli strains. Filamentation did not appear to be due to release of diffusible molecules, toxic metabolites, or be in response to oxidative… Read more →

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Fatigue, which is the central symptom of CFS/ME, is notoriously difficult to define. We describe an investigation in which we raise two questions. First, does the way people use fatigue related language reflect distinctive patterns? Second, is there a particular pattern characteristic of CFS/ME? These questions can be asked with various theories of language and meaning in mind, as we… Read more →