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Wednesday, 12,000 ft. Wednesday night, 11,000 ft. Thursday, 10,000 ft. MichaelK’s answer is excellent. I would just like to add the fact that there are a few articles around stating that ‘developed’ countries are even exporting recycled, plastic and other such to other less developed ones (basically pay other countries to accept it). So the stats a study might have… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIt is a great privilege to be asked to write a brief editorial for one of the 10th Anniversary issue of the MJIEL. For me, international economic law is something that I always seem to be playing catch up with. Having come to the subject matter via another route in my case, international environmental law my transition… Read more →

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This can be traced back to the fact that “negative” results are rarely published in the synthetic literature and the lack of a general conceptual framework for understanding how photoexcitation affects reactivity. In this work, we address both of these issues. We present experimental data for a series of aromatically substituted pyrroles and indoles, and show that quantifying induced atomic… Read more →

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QUEENS PARK Editorial The issue of electricity and the Green Energy Act was the subject of a from Sylvia Jones, the MPP fromDufferin province of Ontario is currently paying wind farm owners to not produce electricity. In Thunder Bay a proposed wind project that has not received final approval from the Ministry of the Environment has completed cutting in the… Read more →

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