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Methods: The paper draws on a number of data sources and methodologies in order to fulfil the aims. Firstly, international literature provides an insight into mentoring processes and impact on career development. This is followed by a review of the mentoring experiences based on a UK study on the professorial populations in nursing and allied health professions. Dr. Holick: Exactly,… Read more →

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But Edward Rodrigues, a professor at JNU’s highly rated sociology department, said the issue is not one of numbers. “Apart from the fact that JNU is dedicated to research, the professors work according to schedules that accommodate research students at different stages some may be away for months together on field work, for example,” he said. “In fact, many [JNU]… Read more →

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Additional Information:A solo exhibition of drawings, all 30 x 30cm, at the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia USA. The catalogue includes an introduction by Gallery Director Ephraim Russell and an essay by Sarah Steinwachs. These peripheral circumstances were regarded as a secondary element of visual encounter, references that are on the periphery, the outer limits of focused attention. Une sur les… Read more →

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