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The analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC) invented by T. Svedberg has now become an extremely versatile and diverse tool in Biochemistry and Polymer Science for the characterisation of the sizes, shapes and interactions of particles ranging in size from a few nm to tens of microns, or in molecular weight, M (molar mass) terms from a few hundred Daltons to hundreds of… Read more →

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(vi) The Department of the Air Force, 482nd Homestead ARB, FL has a requirement for spacesaver Freestyle Lockers 2′ X 3′, to include the cost of freight, handling and delivery. Specification are as followed: 1. The welded frame shall consist of top, bottom, back, and sides constructed of a minimum of 18 gauge steel (1.214 millimeters). That kaka bag is… Read more →

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Artist’s impression of a hypothetical ocean cryobot (a robot capable of penetrating water ice) in Europa. Credit: NASAIn other words, if the lander mission detected signs of life within Europa’s ice sheet, and from material churned up from beneath by resurfacing events, then future missions most likely involving robotic submarines would definitely be mounted. The report also states that any… Read more →

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Furthermore, this approach does not place any constraints on the length of the Arabic composite name. The results of our experiments show that there are improvement in recognizing Arabic composite names entity in the Arabic language text.Our research also contributes a novel, knowledge based approach to relation extraction from unstructured Arabic text, which is based on the principles of Functional… Read more →

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IO was observed almost ubiquitously in the open ocean with larger mixing ratios south of the Polar Front (PF). Contrary to previous reports, IO was not positively correlated to sea surface temperature (SST)/salinity, or negatively to chlorophyll a. Over the whole expedition, SST showed a weak negative correlation with respect to IO while chl a was positively correlated. The ethnographic… Read more →

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While NSW has since reversed its plans to ban the sport outright, instead offering the industry a second chance, the disgraced GRNSW will be replaced by the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission by the end of this year.That presented problems for the ACT, as GRNSW is the controlling body for the Canberra racing industry.Ms Durkin said relying on the new… Read more →

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Someone else, probably the biggest polluter China, will take over leadership in the global fight, said MIT economist Jake Jacoby, who co founded the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. “is not in economic loss. Leadership,” Jacoby said. She was left heartbroken after Dec ended things, amidst claims that he wasn’t ready to settle down.… Read more →

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The support that he gave me allowed me to put Maranatha High on the map as an elite basketball program. Baseball coach Matt Shupper: “Brian has been a mentor, a friend, a brother and my athletics director. I have learned great lessons in coaching from him, but more importantly he has showed tremendous faith in me as a coach. When… Read more →

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Recruitment outcomes were recorded as screened, eligible, consent not asked, refused, and enrolled. Patient engagement was recorded as follow up outcomes: (1) attrition during short message service (SMS) text message intervention and (2) attrition during the 12 month follow up period. Multiple regression analysis was used to identify which demographic factors were related to recruitment and retention.Results: We recruited 1139… Read more →

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Self reversion is only necessary because of the shortcomings of the software. Rather, on mailing lists, there are typically three classes of users: moderators, regular members, and moderated members. I’ve proposed for some purposes, on mailing lists, that many regular members be made a special class of moderator, with the right to approve posts of moderated members. The tribal type… Read more →