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“Two years ago, both the South Carolina Supreme Court and Family Courts held best interest hearings and determined that it was in Veronica’s best interest to be with her father and that he was fit parent,” said Cross. “As a result the South Carolina Supreme Court transferred custody to Mr. Brown. In particular, each subscale passed the test of unidimensionality,… Read more →

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Despite the advancement of additive manufacturing (AM)/3 dimensional (3D) printing, single step fabrication of multifunctional parts using AM is limited. With the view of enabling multifunctional AM (MFAM), in this study, sintering of metal nanoparticles was performed to obtain conductivity for continuous line inkjet printing of electronics. This was achieved using a bespoke three dimensional (3D) inkjet printing machine, JETx,… Read more →

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Nous sommes dtermins acclrer la croissance, a t elle affirm vendredi devant presque 1000 acteurs du monde des affaires runis par la chambre de commerce du Montral mtropolitain. Nous sommes prts accueillir les investissements de l’tranger et de chez nous, dans tous les secteurs. Je veux que ce message soit entendu partout.. Pain is associated with fatigue and psychological distress,… Read more →

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J., Beale, G. Austin, J., 26 Jan 2018Article in Journal of Contemporary ArchaeologyHeritage on Exile: Reflecting on the roles and responsibilities of heritage organisations towards those affected by forced migrationSchofield, A. J., 13 Jul 2017Article in Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. We want to really elevate and innovate. We’re doing things that haven’t been done before, and that’s what really excites… Read more →

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The inspector has got some sharp questions for the family about the death of a young working class woman whom each of them knew. March 14 24. ArtsEmerson. Worryingly, in most countries, ACTs currently make up only 5 of the total volume of antimalarials on the market, with ineffective monotherapies dominating the market share. More disturbing still, despite a call… Read more →

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His successes have included substantial and largely well spent investments in green energy, the regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act and dramatic increases in motor vehicle fuel efficiency standards. His largest failure was the inability to enact dramatic new climate change policies. But even in the post Sandy environment, I do not see global climate treaties or… Read more →

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We displayed objects through a small moveable aperture and tested whether people’s ability to identify the images as familiar or novel objects was influenced by how the window location was controlled. Participants recognised objects faster when they actively controlled the window using their finger on a touch screen, as opposed to passively observing the moving window. There was no difference… Read more →

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Talking story is a treasured part of life on Maui for those of us who suffer from motor mouth. On the job, it essential to know the difference between talking story and ho Talking story is a way to make connections, past and present. Ho is a way of flattering the listener into doing something.. “Some very good play. Athletic.… Read more →

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Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin Glenys Byrne (Letters 18 January) asks why the welfare of Belconnen commuters is disregarded? It simple. Government policy since 2012 has been to encourage urban intensification along transit ways. An outcome of this policy will be increased traffic congestion. Budke took the reins of the Beavers spread offense with two games remaining in his sophomore season, and… Read more →

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