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Ferry service resumes for the Comox Powell River route following cancellations Thursday:Service back up this morning on the BC Ferries route between Comox and Powell River, after several sailings were canceled Thursday because of mechanical difficulties on the Salish Raven. The Salish Orca is resuming service today. Tariffs on steel and aluminum is insisting Canada is not about to agree… Read more →

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If anything it suggests that pre selectors do a poor job, finding in both parties so many candidates who cannot or will not think beyond keeping their snouts in the trough. Warwick Davis, Isaacs Is Peter Dutton really the best person in the parliamentary Liberal party to lead the country? The report ” policy economic platform rubbished” (August 23, p4)… Read more →

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The same holds true for managing our financial affairs. This guarantees we will not get ripped off. It also, however, maximises the probability that a poor decision will be made.. Today PaperThe record for biggest rugby league crowd in Parramatta will be broken when the Eels host the Wests Tigers in the Bankwest Stadium opener. Stadium officials are preparing for… Read more →

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This is such a powerful photo. It was taken in April, 1945, by Major Clarence Benjamin and shows a train of Jewish prisoners that had been intercepted by Allied Forces. This is the moment they learned that the train would not be heading to a Concentration Camp and they had been liberated. Honey tends to absorb moisture, which can denature… Read more →

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Has been offers made. Mike is very well aware of what we think of him and how badly we want him here. 12. The fact that we recently learned about the largest government surveillance scandal in recorded history doesn’t help either. People feel that their privacy has been invaded enough by companies reading their e mail, governments listening to their… Read more →

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The nonlinear kinetics in this RD system model the nonlinear interactions between the active and inactive forms of ROPs. By using a singular perturbation analysis to study 2 D localized spatial patterns of active ROPs, it is shown that the spatial variations in the nonlinear reaction kinetics, due to the auxin gradient, lead to a slow spatial alignment of the… Read more →

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Huckabee believes President Obama does not know how to govern. Huckabee said that a leader must build relationships with people, including those who are on the opposite side politically, in order to get things done. Huckabee said Obama could learn from Bill Clinton, telling Brian that Clinton knew how to govern, unlike President Obama.. They include accuracy, availability, cost, power… Read more →

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Morocco, to be exact. If you’re not familiar, Hastings 3000 is a post apocalyptic one man band that dares to embrace rock music and stage flash. H3K is the brainchild of Joe Hastings, who has been a staple in town with bands the Sex Rays and the Fuck Knights. (NaturalNews) I just returned from a two day visit to the… Read more →

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Antiquity and archaism were brought together with a heightened sense of contemporaneity. In prose fiction, the premodern could be used in different forms of scandalously risqu, comic, and autobiographical narratives. In historical poetry produced in the same decade, a new literary mode made poetic capital out of a heightened emotional discourse associated with premodern history and culture.. Environmental Context: There… Read more →

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