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I will show that the non interferometric system exhibits a trade off between lateral resolution and sensitivity, where an image obtained with a good contrast will have low lateral resolution. In order to get around the trade off, the interferometric system can be employed; however, the main challenge for the interferometric setup is its optical alignment. I will show that… Read more →

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We also show how the elliptic membership functions perform in fuzzy arithmetic. In addition to its extra advantages over the existing type 2 fuzzy membership functions such as having decoupled parameters for its support and width, this novel membership function has some similar features to the Gaussian and triangular membership functions in addition and multiplication operations. Finally, we have tested… Read more →

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Statements made based off upon negative and offensive stereotypes. Examples: “angry black women being loud”; “they don’t want to work, they’re just a bunch of thugs protesting. Maybe they should get a job!”; “all Asians are geniuses and great at math”; “most Hispanics can’t speak English and don’t want to learn”; “gay people (include any LGBT individual in this example)… Read more →

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Matharu, A. S., 26 Dec 2018Article in ACS Omega6 MB, PDF documentPublication detailsJournalACS OmegaDateAccepted/In press 20 Aug 2018DatePublished (current) 31 Aug 2018Issue number8Volume3Number of pages9Pages (from to)10365 10373Original languageEnglishAbstractCitrus juices from whole oranges and grapefruits (discarded from open market) and aqueous extracts from citrus processing waste (mainly peels) were used for bacterial cellulose production by Komagataeibacter sucrofermentans DSM 15973. Grapefruit… Read more →

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Lynch hinted Tarell Basham would have been the choice had he retained pick 67. Time will tell if he better than what ever Lynch does with this year pick 59. And Lynch used pick 229 to secure Adrian Colbert.. Asteroid, planetoid, or minor planet, small body orbiting the sun. More than 300,000 asteroids have been identified and cataloged; more than… Read more →

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Enhanced color composite image, made with data from the framing camera aboard NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, shows the area around Ernutet crater. Credit: NASA/JPL Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDAThe original discovery of organics on Ceres took place in 2017 when an international team of scientists analyzed data from the Dawn mission’s Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIRMS). The data provided by this instrument indicated the… Read more →

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