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Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Presentation)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIn work that is explicitly critical or transgressive, one’s immediate public or community is likely to be other people who are either engaged in creative projects of self and social transformation, or whose existence necessitates ways of thinking, learning and acting that are radically opposed to the dominant forms. Such practices can create… Read more →

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Wide angle shot of Comet Lovejoy with the constellation Orion, showing rich fields of red nebula, star clouds and dark nebula with the bright green naked eye comet. Ancient Egyptians thought the stars in the belt represented the resting place of the soul of the god Osiris. The Arabs saw the constellation as the figure of a giant.”. Item Type:ArticleItem… Read more →

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Although Ford is often credited with the assembly line idea, it is believed that the concept and its development came from employees Clarence Avery, Peter E. Martin, Charles E. Sorensen and C. Bowl has more food (supposedly), better reheating capabilities, and you can mix it up how you like. Eating with a fork is a trip and I love it.… Read more →

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Such problems are usually dealt with by first trying medical treatment such as nasal sprays, and moving to sinus surgery if imaging of the nasal passages suggests a potential benefit. However, in rare cases where a sinus infection spreads to affect the eye (periorbital cellulitis), sinus surgery may need to be performed urgently to prevent loss of vision. The nose… Read more →

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R., Talbot, K., Hardiman, O., Glass, J. D., De Belleroche, J., Maki, M., Moss, S. E., Miller, C., Gellera, C., Ratti, A., Al Sarraj, S., Brown, R. The NSW education minister says she is with letting secondary schools decide whether they are willing to ban mobile phones. Sarah Mitchell’s comments come after the prestigious King’s School in Sydney’s northwest implemented… Read more →

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The atmosphere is that of a New York style Jewish deli; the type of place you go to grab a quick and awesome lunch during your break. It’s the breakfast, though, that really takes the cake: The “Breakfast Special” contains egg, bacon, pesto, cheese and tomato, all stuffed neatly in a challah roll. Believe me, you’ll be happy you tried… Read more →

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Data for this project came from Colby College’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. Our findings were consistent with national trends; GPAs have risen in the majority of majors considered. In addition and contrary to our hypothesis about grade compression, the probability of a student earning a GPA in the A range has increased more than the probability of a… Read more →

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It’s absurd what’s going on out there. These drugs are not safe. They have not been adequately tested. I been reading an account of the life of the Russian psychologist Vygotsky, written by his daughter, in 1994. Gita describes how her father worked with physically handicapped and mentally retarded children, how he founded a laboratory to study the psychology of… Read more →

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