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First, NICE invites submissions from anyone with a vested interest in the treatments under investigation. This includes the company or companies that make any relevant products, patient groups and professional bodies such as the Royal College of Physicians. Based on the submissions from these ‘stakeholders’, and a very detailed review of the available evidence from clinical trials and economic studies7,… Read more →

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“We can think of galaxies as big recycling machines. When they form, they accrete gas (mostly hydrogen and helium, with traces of lithium and a couple of other elements) from the universe around them, and they turn it into stars. As time goes on, the stars pump this gas back out into the galaxy, into the interstellar medium. And Colorado… Read more →

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S. Gilbert drives he will likely run you down (Letters, November 10). When driving our cars, we should give way to slower people and vehicles using the road. And when we are walking or riding our bikes, we would expect those driving cars to give us adequate clearance. It’s all about sharing our community facilities. And people will walk on… Read more →

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Step 11. Paint StitchingOn the denim texture, select the brush tool and open the brush pallet option and select the new brush from the previous step. Open Brush tip shape and input 63px for the tip diameter, and increase the spacing so that there are actual spaces between the shapes. We’ve all gathered here once again.”Revenue from tourism will exceed… Read more →

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The Court of Justice in consecutive rulings has interpreted EU law expansively confirming independent residence rights for children of the migrant worker who are in education. A derived right then ensues for the primary carer of such children, irrespective of his or her nationality. As a result of two recent and controversial rulings of the Court, both independent and derived… Read more →

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“This is an important piece of the solar activity puzzle,” added Dean Pesnell, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “It shows howflows inside the Sun are related to the creation of solar activity andhow the timing of the solar cycle might be produced. None of theforecasting research groups predicted the current long extended delayin the new cycle. Viswanath meanwhile told… Read more →

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