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And Herranz, D. And Hivon, E. And Hobson, M. Background: Placebo and nocebo effects have been observed in relation to many interventions in sport. Given variance in response, a key question is whether individual difference variables identify likely ‘responders.’ Hypothetically, such a variable might be the person’s intention to use the intervention. We aimed to explore relationships between athletes’ intention… Read more →

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“I did not think that you were going to make it. That you were going to kill somebody, or you were going to get killed,” Michael Douglas said. “[We had] reached a point where I thought I was gonna lose him, based on everything I’ve seen. Thanks to the Aquatic Master Plan, we now know which of the city’s remaining… Read more →

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“While banks have continued to meet the needs of their customers, clients and communities to the best of their ability, they have faced tremendous headwinds that came with a sharp increase in highly prescriptive government regulation and the sheer weight of more than 24,000 pages of proposed and final Dodd Frank rules, he said in a statement. “We appreciate the… Read more →

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The first group included over 30 nurses, doctors, clinicians, psychiatrists and consultants in emergency medicine. However, the country that contributed the largest number of medical staff was Cuba. Their team of 165 people arrived in Sierra Leone in early October. The paper will deal with the problem of establishing a desirable power sharing in multi feed electric power system for… Read more →

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“To me [his Egyptian colleagues] are the future of this country and they’re worth fighting for. They had nowhere to run. There was no way I could morally justify hopping on a plane.”. PrEP involves taking a pill orally every day. The pill that has been shown to be safe and to help block HIV infection is called Truvada, a… Read more →

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It’s March 2013 50 years after Betty Friedan’s explosive book launched feminism’s “second wave,” 41 after Title IX, the equal opportunity amendment banning sex discrimination in education, was signed into law and some exceptionally successful women are making a lot of news. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is riding high in public opinion, winning straw polls for the 2016 presidency.… Read more →