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Switch hardware hacker SciresM now says that some newly manufactured consoles appear to be impervious to the Fuse Gele (or F G) exploit. SciresM believes Nintendo used the Nvidia iPatch system to add new protective code to the chip. This likely corrects the USB recovery mode overflow error that allowed modders access to the system. I realizing that dreams can… Read more →

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The exhibition is curated in a roughly chronological fashion. There are certain exceptions like the a monumental picture (in reality a triptych of canvases) from 2011 that is arranged alongside Sherman’s first foray into wide format photography, her “Centerfolds” series. It’s a provocative arrangement in an exhibition that mainly plays it safe with its arrangement. Are a party that understands… Read more →

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Using analyses stratified by life history stage, we demonstrate a pattern of tolerance to macroparasites in mature compared to immature males. In comparison to immature males, mature males resisted infection less and instead increased investment in body condition in response to accumulating burdens, but at the expense of reduced reproductive effort. We identified expression of the transcription factor Gata3 (a… Read more →

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10): Marie Curie is awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry, becoming the first person to win two of the coveted awards. The Frenchwoman was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903 along with her husband, Pierre, and Henri Becquerel, for studies of radioactivity. What’s Hot. The only significant exception to the above is under Section 60AA of the Public… Read more →

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This paper will consider the role of the interior design researcher as domain gate keeper in the determination of criteria to select a future corpus of interior design artefacts for semiotic analysis. It will conduct a literature review of interior design and social theory to identify selection criteria. The analytic purpose and selection criteria serve as example from which broader… Read more →

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One criticism of electronic textiles and wearable technology is that instead of being integrated into the modern wardrobe, the electronic garment is perceived as the ‘other’, as an ‘unusual’ item within the wardrobe. Contemporary fashion is a field of play in which individuals constantly manage personal expressions of social belonging and transgression, at the same time as it closes down… Read more →

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Any behaviour that goes against the ethos of the club and does not adhere to our stadium rules and regulations are dealt with accordingly. Salisbury football club acknowledge that during match days this responsibility extends outside of the ground and any poor or abusive behaviour caused in the city will also be dealt with. With the information sharing agreement now… Read more →

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