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Royal Society of Chemistry, p. Ambiguities persist on the key interpretive concepts, such as the “effective membrane” (which marks the boundary of the volume from which osmolytes are excluded) and the “free energy of exclusion” of osmolytes from biomolecular surfaces. In this paper, we formulate these elusive concepts based upon chemical thermodynamics and rigorous statistical thermodynamics (the Kirkwood Buff theory).… Read more →

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Sierra Club says addressing climate change urgent Sierra Club Florida Chapter Director Frank Jackalone warned Friday that time is running short as the state faces the consequences of climateFishing for hogfish closes at the end of the month Hogfish recreational harvest will close in state and federal waters off Florida’s Atlantic and southern Gulf coasts Nov. 1. This closureGovernor’s Press… Read more →

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Curry answers questions until reporters run out of them. His press conferences typically last longer than 10 minutes. And he answers all types of questions good ones, bad ones, pointed ones, softball ones, informed ones, insane ones and he answers with the same level of generosity and thoughtfulness every time.. She was all unreasonable, she could be an absolute nightmare… Read more →

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The current study aimed to evaluate the factors which may explain the greater effectiveness of SDS compared to Treatment as Usual (TAU) by exploring the experience of the RCT participants .Methods. Qualitative audiotaped and transcribed semi structured interviews were conducted 12 18 months after baseline with 21 service users (12 SDS, 9 TAU arms) drawn from all three sites. Inductive… Read more →

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Corticosteroid use (prednisolone only) was only significantly associated with subsequent, and not ini tial laminitis episodes. Electronic medical record use for such analyses is plausible and offers important advantages over more traditional data sources. It does, however, pose challenges and limitations that must be taken into account, and requires a conceptual change to disease diagnosis which should be considered carefully..… Read more →

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