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In the City Council races, Alejandro Menchaca, facing Andy Wilson in District 7, said Friday, “I can predict the outcome of the race, but I feel we have run a very strong race. Our campaign is connecting with a large number of voters. In the face of two well funded Republican candidates, I have emerged as the most competitive Democrat… Read more →

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Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to work with Attorney General William Barr and Rudy Giuliani, Trump personal lawyer. At one point in the conversation, Trump said: would like for you to do us a favor. President words set the parameters for the debate to come _ just the fourth impeachment investigation of an American president in the nation history.… Read more →

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Thealgorithm operates on data structures (functioning asgenomes)which indirectly encode the melodies: each genome undergoes an artificial developmental process to generate the corresponding melody. As melodies evolve, they can be rendered in several formats: playable (MP3), editable (MIDI and MusicXML) and readable (score in PDF). This diversity of formats ensures that the melodies can be enjoyed in computers and portable media… Read more →

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Time series data for individual animals suggested that macroparasite infections gave rise to increased expression of Gata3, which gave rise to improved body condition and enhanced survival as hosts aged. These findings provide a clear and unexpected insight into tolerance responses (and their life history sequelae) in a natural vertebrate population. The demonstration that such responses (potentially promoting parasite transmission)… Read more →

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